Too small Sharps!

The # and b symbols for jazz chords in Petaluma Font are WAY too small. How do we fix that?

Engrave mode, Font Styles, Chord Symbols Music Font.

Bless you…a simple fix, when you know where to look!

Is there a way of doing this that doesn’t also make the flat or sharp in the main chord symbol itself too big? I find this method works nicely to resize the flats and sharps in chord extensions without having to go and edit all of them individually, but then any flat or sharp in the the main chord symbol (ex. Bb7) becomes too large. It would be ideal if the chord extensions used a different style to allow independent control.

There are separate controls for the scale factor of the extensions in the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options, though these affect the numerals as well as the accidentals.

Hi Daniel,

It would be great if there was a solution like Dan Kreider’s that would only affect the extensions and not the main chord symbol. By default if you have a symbol like Bb7 or whatever, the size of the flat is fine, but if you have alterations like b9 #11, the b and # in the alterations tend to be too small (but the numerals themselves are fine). I know that edits can be made individually but it would save a lot of time if these changes could be made globally.