Tool menus view, is this a bug?

I thought I was going stir crazy. The above menus where you can show/hide the quantize selector, the color tools etc etc, I couldn’t see the quantize even though I had it ticked to on… I’d think on/off and see the whole line of buttons shift aside making me believe I was blind and not seeing it.

I ticked show all and still couldn’t see it. Then after frustration hit reset all and it came back. Either this is a big or your just can’t see all at once. This happened inside the editor window too I believe and on the bottom row near the transport… anyone else having this issue?

When it wasn’t showing in the top panel I also couldn’t see it on the side panel inside editors.

Any ideas ?


If the width of the window is not big enough, some tool sets are hidden (even though they are enabled).

ah makes sense. cheers!