Tool Modifiers with custom tools (as multitool in PT)

It would be nice to choose other tools under tool modifiers.

A quick example: I usually work with range tool in “protools style”. When I cut too much, I always have to switch to selection tool, open the region again, and then go back to range tool.
As tool modifier for selection tool you have the split tool. I’d like f.e. to choose the selection tool as tool modifier for the range tool.

Somehow this could be an option similar to the “multitool” in protools, without the hassle to split the upper / lower part of the region for the tool you need.

Any chance this could be possible???




Using a Kensington Export mouse works great, assign your tools to the buttons.
I personally (if I may express my personal opinion) think the PT tool handling is an absolutely painful way of editing. I’ve been using PT since version 4.1 and all too often have found myself suffering from carpal tunnel.
That is one of the main reasons I do most of my editing on Nuendo vs PT, and I live in Pro Tools land!

But this is not what I’m asking for. I have a mxmaster mouse and I also programmed those buttons to key 1 and 2, but honestly I’ve never used it because they were unconfortable.
I think what’s important here it’s to have a “momentary” tool that pops up only if the key is pressed, as the trim tool does for the selction tool.
This is actually not a “mutlitool”, it’s just a “quick switch” option for those who need it… think about those music engineers who would like f.e. to have the comping tool as a quick switch…

I also had hand problems with PT editing, especially this too much dragging and keeping pressed. Nuendo is waaaaay better in this. But don’t forget that the range tool can do more as the protools one. As I started working with nuendo i started dragging less, but still using the protools way to work.
I really agree: it’s too much a protools land with painful hands out there!

I came from PT too.
In 99 percent of all cases I use ALT in Nuendo, this is a kind of a “multitool”: with this you can cut, draw, copy and drag/drop.
I prefer this way, it´s very fast, without switching tools.


I have a Logitech gaming mouse with buttons all assigned to key commands and macros. It’s kind of like the mouse version of Clark Griswold’s station wagon in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

And I would still love to have tool modifiers be more customizable. Have been asking since N2.


I use ALT too, but there’s no ALT function if you use the range tool. And that’s my point.