Tool windows dock on left and cannot be moved

I’m trying out the trial version of WL Elements 8. While I was experimenting with different layout arrangements, I dragged the CD tool window to the left and it docked. I didn’t like it there and tried to move it back where it originally was. It would not move. I tried the same thing with the Focused clip tool, and it became stuck on the left as well. Layout is not locked.

How do I re-position the tool windows???


Make sure the following option is unchecked:

Philippe - thanks for the reply. The layout was not locked. However, I discovered by accident that the bar you need to drag to move the tool window is hidden until you place the pointer directly over where it is hidden. Once it expands you can click on it and drag the window. Infuriating.
Hidden bar.png

This is an option to save screen space. This can be turned off.