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The Toolbar hide/show button seems to have disappeared with v1.9. There’s a shopping cart with two items wanting to be purchased instead. Instructions for the Toolbar button are still in the Help section, but the button is gone. Is there another way to hide the Toolbar? Would emptying the shopping cart restore the Toolbar functionality? Seems like an ill-conceived trade off, hope it’s not a reflection of the priorities at Steinberg.

Hi kanegon,

There is no option to hide the toolbar at this moment.



Thank you for the clarification.

That is too bad, a perfect waste of well-executed codes that provided a simple elegant solution to the iPad screen space dilemma. You should at least restore the button once the recommended purchases are made, that’s how nag-ware is suppose to operate. Buying $16 in additional capabilities is not a big deal, but having a “dumb” button that’s completely useless after the purchase is an incredible waste of screen space. It makes me want to not buy the additional capabilities, just on principle.

You said it.


That’s where we are now, that’s how Steinberg see users of this app.
So low is their opinion of us, they have resorted to removing functionality for…this.

Can I respectfully suggest that Steinberg bring out a small incremental update, very soon, that corrects this disgusting and disrespectful addition (and subtraction) from the app.

Dear Threlly,

First of all sorry to read that you’re not satisfied with Cubasis.

Be assured Cubasis and our user base are taken very seriously at Steinberg.
In doubt, please feel free to browse the “show all versions” Cubasis history on iTunes.

Of course our customers have the right to state their free opinion anytime here in the forum.
If you do this, do it in an appropriate way and be polite (simply treat others how you want to be treated).

Furthermore please do us a favor and do not post similar topics twice.



Can you tell me why Steinberg have chosen to do this and what action will be taken to remedy it ?

Also, would Steinberg consider making a similar change to Cubase 7/8 ?

If not, why have they chosen to do it to Cubasis users ?

I am deeply curious.

Hi all,

Thanks for your messages.

Since the initial release of Cubasis we have learned from several user studies and user reports that there are very few useful cases to hide Cubasis’ sub tool bar, because it contains the most important tools required for many operations. Therefore it has been in long discussion to replace the button with something else quite a while.

While I understand the lack of understanding about our choice to replace it with the shop button, it is not planned to be changed this with the next update.

With 64-bit, new features and user-requested maintenance fixes the scope is more than fully packed already and will take some time until being ready to be released.

Nevertheless the topic has been included to our tracking system and will be discussed with the team.

Last but not least, we never have seen Cubasis users less professional than Cubase users and I can’t see any reason why we ever should do that.

Hope that helps.



Then do it to Cubase 7/8 users !!!
Start removing functions and adding nag flags.

If you wouldn’t do something similar to them, why would Steinberg do it to us ?


Yes, because there has never ever been any controversy among Cubase users about things changed/ things added/ things removed. ; )

Everyone has his or her own workflow and every single one of them are very respectable, but most of the people have no reason to do without the toolbar, frankly.

Shopping carts aren’t a part of my workflow. With the toolbar hidden, I can see the channel strip buttons without having to scroll down. Anyway, I guess I’m outnumbered here…

Hi kanegon,

As announced, the placement of the shop button will not change with the next update.
However it is in discussion to change the behaviour of the notification badge (in disappearing once the shop button has been tapped).


To be honest,the notification badge is not the problem here :wink:

For me Crabman, the notification badge is the problem, i like the position of the shop button but i dont like the notification badge !

it’s another problem,related to the topic,yes.But the main topic is still:they removed the toolbar button and a noticeable amount of people missing it (including me).