Toolbar presets woes

Hi folks,

I’m struggling with the toolbar!

I keep trying to make my own custom toolbar, but whenever Cubase crashes on exit (often) it deletes my presets.

The user presets seems to be stored in \Presets\RAMPresets.xml, but this seems to get wiped after a crash. I’ve also tried backing up RAMPresets.xml but this doesn’t seem to work either.

So far i have found no way to hack Cubase so that every time i open a project it just has my own damn custom toolbar config.

Any ideas?! …Thanks!


Toolbar configuration is not stored with the project. This is global settings.

I would recommend you to save a Profile from the File > Profile Manager.

Thanks, i tried that but the toolbar config doesn’t seem to be saved with a Profile.

I tried the following:

Made a new profile and gave it a custom toolbar. Exported it. Deleted it from the toolbar manager. Re-imported it…toolbar config isn’t saved!

But perhaps i’m misunderstanding something.

Basically what i’d like is this: make all the custom changes to key commands, prefs, toolbars etc, then export it to somewhere as a back-up so if Cubase crashes and i lose all my settings, i can easily get them back.


Actually, saving of the profile doesn’t work like this.

Try following, please.

  • Make you Toolbar settings.
  • Restart Cubase.
  • Save the profile.
  • Change Toolbar settings.
  • Restart Cubase.
  • Load your stored profile.

Does this work?