Tools for remote Cubase collaboration?

Do any of you have experience doing remote collaborations with other Cubase Pro users? Is there a way to share and collaborate on single projects remotely? There are so many “VST Transit” type products with Steinberg, but from what I can tell they are aimed at being able to collaborate with other musicians where they use a plugin or standalone app with their own DAW. i’m looking for something where we will share one project and it will maybe even have a versioning system in place, etc…

I’d think this would be a feature that larger media studios would need regularly. Does Nuendo have something like this?


Nuendo can do this.

Btw, current VST Transit version is not limited to Cubase/Nuendo only, it’s open for any DAW.

What is it that Nuendo does?

I think you didn’t quite understand my question. That was my point is that from what’s i can tell, all the Vst Transit stuff is simply a plugin that anyone can use-it is not a tool for two Cubase users to remotely collaborate on a SINGLE project.


VST Transit allows you to contribute on a project. So there is one owner of the project (with Cubase) and other musicians can record their tracks from their place (home, studio) to this project. The performances don’t have Cubase on their side. So they don’t have to buy Cubase. It’s not a tool to work on one project for two engineers/composers/producents.

In Nuendo you can have one master project. On another computer sound engineer can prepare an atmosphere, different one dialogue, different one mix a music. Then they sync it to the master project.

Both Cubase neither Nuendo can’t have a mirrors of one project (two same instances of the same project, which are always in sync).

I’m in the UK and I work on recording with a songwriter in Kentucky and a drummer in New Jersey. Our projects are located in Dropbox and as we never work on the files at the same time we are able to avoid any conflicts. It’s been about 5 years now and has really worked well for us. Granted, we each work on our own tracks so there’s no actual playing together but in the end it does sound like we were all in the studio at the same time.