TOOLS for UR and UR-RT Update for Mac

We are pleased to announce the release of new versions of the TOOLS for UR-RT2, UR-RT4, UR242, UR44, UR28M and UR824 for Mac. These updates for our audio interfaces ensure compatibility with macOS Big Sur (Intel and Apple silicon).

For detailed information, please refer to the corresponding release notes and the installation instructions on the download page.

Download TOOLS for UR-RT2

Download TOOLS for UR-RT4

Download TOOLS for UR242

Download TOOLS for UR44

Download TOOLS for UR28M

Download TOOLS for UR824

Best regards,

Stefan Schreiber

Who am I to blame? Apple or Steinberg?
For the third time my Steinberg equipment doesn’t work on my iMac. This time it’s the UR44 that’s not working. I had to give up my CI2+ and my MR816csx not so long ago cause the lack of drivers from Steinberg. Bought a UR44 just a couple of years ago, and now it’s the same problem. Hope Steinberg will develop a driver for UR44 that goes along with iMac Pro pretty soon. If not, the next equipment I buy will not be from Steinberg.

Any good suggestions of e mixer or USB Audio interface with minimum 4 channels that will bring back my connection with Cubase 10.5 Pro? Hopefully something that will last for a decade?