Tooltip for comments and easier selecting frames

Hello Doricians and Developers,

here is a small feature request that would make life with comments even easier: There is a small thing (I think it’s called tooltip) that pops up with a little explanation text when the user hovers over an UI-element. Why not make a tooltip for hovering over comments? It then shows the first two lines of the comment - most of the time that would be sufficient to remember what the comment was all about.

Then you don’t have to click at every comment. By the way, I love comments both for myself and when working with others! :wink:

The second request is about selecting and manipulating frames in Engrave Mode. There should be an easy way to click through different frames situated at similar positions - and once the desired frame is selected, dragging on a handle should only allow manipulation on the selected frame. It’s frustrating sometimes, when you have frame A selected and try to drag the handle of frame A, but instantly the handle of another frame B gets dragged, though it wasn’t the active/selected frame in the first place.

Have a nice (and not too hot) day!

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I second your first request.
For the second, I find alt-shift-click to be quite convenient to cycle through every clickable element. Hope it helps!