Tooltip names don't match key command names -- thus, difficulty finding commands

Different names for the same command
Very confusing: many “mouse over object” commands are labeled differently in the key command. Example:
Use Pre Roll is <> Activate Pre Roll
………… and many more
Very annoying!!!
Screen Shot 2024-04-20 at 18.05.09

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

The tooltip is not the name of the command in the Key Command window.

that’s what the OP is saying


Sorry… I mean it doesn’t meant to be the same. It’s a different purpose.

What is the purpose of them being different then, if that is intentional?

I have not thought through all the scenarios, but shouldn’t the goal of mouse-over Tool Tips be identical to the name of the Key Command?

Or is that a bad assumption?

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My speech, the most obvious thing in the world


In general, a tooltip describes/explains the GUI object, so the user can understand its function, if he doesn’t understand the icon.

The Command is the name of the function. The command itself can fave a button or any other representation in the GUI. But it could be also present just on a menu.

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But due to the fact that tool tips include a Keystroke that’s bound to them, or are notated with “[!]” if no keystroke is assigned, it’s certainly a reasonable to expect that the tool tip would be the Key Command’s verbatim name. For example to find the command in the key commands dialog.



To find the command in the Key Command window, call the function. Immediately after, open the Key Command window. The latest function/command is preselected. :wink:

But - a better design than the current would be to design the tooltips to this format:
{Name of command} - {description of what it does} - {currently assigned key command}

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ok, lets stick with just my (of many ,many others) topic “pre/post-roll”
go open Keycommand window, type in “activate pre-roll” and ?………NADA, RIEN, NOTHING, ZERO

to me, that seems not really logical nor user friendly. agreed?

But this is frequently not the case in practice.

For example, click on each of these buttons which have tooltips that display the keyboard shortcut to demonstrate – the command is not selected when the Key Command dialog is opened directly after invoking the command:

  • Automation Panel image
  • Autoscroll: image
  • Snap image

and many more.

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There are several instances in Cubase 13 where tooltips seem to have haphazardly been thrown in there without much thought behind it. Here’s another example.

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