Tooltip visual guide (dorico for iPad) with hyperlink to HTML manual

It would be helpful to see the names of icons in the graphical user interface of Dorico, similar to other apps where tapping on an icon displays its tooltip.

Additionally, having these tooltips serve as hyperlinks to the HTML manual, especially for the iPad version, would enhance the user experience. As an example, I am trying to figure out what are these tools and kind of confused where in the manual I should look for explanation of each. This feature Will enhance the manual user experience.

This feature would also be beneficial for the desktop version, as it could expedite the learning process and save time for users.

This page is from the Dorico for desktop manual, but it gives you the answers you’re looking for:

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Thank you Danial for the prompt response. I hope this would consider it as a future Request Which is very useful for newbies like me, that would like to start composing with Dorico right out of the box.