Toontrack EZ Keys Grand Piano?

Hi Steve, I purchased it a couple of weeks ago and am really happy with it. Here is the 1st song I did with EZ Keys… I bought it mainly because even though I can play the keys I have limitations and this opens up those for me…

Thanks for your comments.
EZ Keys has a library similar to EZ DRummer which I use as well. The library is somewhat limited at this time but I am sure they are going to offer expansions in the future. Like EZ Drummer they have the midi files categorized by style. All of them have an intro, verse, pre chorus, chorus and a bridge. They also have some endings. There is only 1 grand piano included I believe it is a model D. They provide around 15 presets for that piano… I actually use Steinbergs Grand 3 for the piano. I think it sounds more true. I use EZ Keys to develop the song then export the file and import into The Grand 3. They also include a circle of 5ths wheel to really change the chord progression.
They do offer a demo version I would suggest you try it out…

I see it as inspirational song starters. Sometimes I find myself writing songs that sound similar. EZ keys has kind of opened my eyes to other possibilities…

may be a bit early and OT but has someone managed to compare The Grand 3 and EZ Keys yet?

The Grand 3 sounds much better imo… I did a song and A/B’d the 2 with identical midi tracks and the Grand 3 sounds more natural and real. Plus EZ Keys just gives you 1 piano vrs. multiples from the Grand 3

It looks like Sampletek helped create both The Grand 3 and EZ Keys. I still use their 7CG (Seven Seas Grand) and it’s stil my favourite.

I’ve been waiting for a topic like this! It looks good on their site, but I have to be weary until I dig into the trial. This could be my new composition hangout software. Staring at a grand piano is much better than the black and white Cubase score editor. I’ll be interested to see if it is designed for composition, so if it’s not, we’d better to stick with the likes of the Grand 3 for sound quality.

I have to say, I do use the midi files with superior drummer and tweak them to fit my song,(I’m ok with doing this with beats) but this program, for me anyway, feels a bit like crossing a line I don’t want to cross. this feels too much like letting the machine have too much of a hand in the creative process. I don’t fault anyone else for using this - I’m sure some feel I’m crossing a line by using midi files for drums, but I’d rather compose my own keyboard parts.
I guess I’m ok with drum help because it’s not part of the melodic content - plus I don’t have what I need to get a good
recording of a real drumkit - so I use the drum program.
If I were to use this I’d feel like I was surrendering too much of my creativity for convenience sake. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll like the result and start thinking “now what else can I do faster with a program?” :sunglasses: :laughing:
Nah - I’m gonna tie myself to the mast on this one. :smiley:

I feel just like you Lenny, I feel kinda guilty using arps already :wink: