Toontrack & Native Instruments In Cubase

When a Cubase 13 file is open my EZ Drummer 3 and Native Instruments show up under the Media Tab VSTi but will not work. They are not highlighted for use like the Steinberg program are. Wondering is there was a simple fix or do I need to reinstall to a different file location.

Do they work if you add an Instrument Track and select any of these instruments?

Mac or PC?

I cannot select the instrument. They are there in the list of VST’s but they are greyed out.

PC Windows 10

What does the Toontrack plug show in the Plug-In Manager? Is it grayed out in the Plug-In Manager?

Is it possible you started Cubase in Safe Mode with the option to disable all third party plugins? If so, just quit Cubase altogether and start it again, making sure to start it normally, and, if something crashed Cubase during your previous session and prompts you whether you want to start it normally or disable this or that, choose the option to start it normally.

FWIW, I’m also on Windows 10, and I haven’t seen any behavior similar to what you’re mentioning here with any of my Toontrack (EZD3, SD3) or Native Instruments (I use Kontakt on most every project and also tried Guitar Rig Pro 7 on my latest one, though I didn’t end up using it), or other third party plugins. I don’t often insert them from Media Bay as I find it faster to just start typing names in the instrument or inserts dropdowns, but I’ve never seen grayed out entries there for installed third party plugins.

All of them show up in the VST Plugin manager. Easy drums and Native Instruments are there.

Cubase is not in safe mode.

milb, I just got around to checking what you ask and it does work. Creating an instrument track is the only way the non Steinberg will work. Thanks for the suggestion.