Toontrack Plugins thrown out with the Cubase 12 Version

With the Installation of Cubase 12 I can no longer find EZ Drummer nor any EZ Keys. They are even not listed in the Plugin Managers Blocklist

Then you must be using an M1 Mac in native mode. I’m surprised you haven’t read about this already? You can still use them if you run under Rosetta.

Mac in native mode does not support version 2 vst instruments which toontrack are.

If not then you should be able to see them still and maybe you need to scan again or direct to the correct location.

Ez Bass is VST3 now and works in cubase in native mode, I don’t have Ez Drummer or Ez Keys but Superior Drummer 3 works great when cubase is running in Rosseta mode.
I have to use superior drummer 3 and some other plugins that are not m1 compatible yet so I run cubase in rosetta mode and to be honest the performance is great!!

Re-check your plugins directory and re-scan them if necessary.
I have EZBass, EZDrummer and Superior Drummer 3 and all are working fine.

Maybe it’s a stupid question. But what is Rosseta mode?

Not so stupid for me. I don’t know either.

Did you find out what Rosetta made is?

I am thinking of upgrading to Cubase 12 but do not want to lose my Toontrack plugins. Rudal’s comment gives me hope.

I know sd3 is now vst3 as is ezdrummer 3

Thanks for the reply mkok. I have SD1 v2.4.4 46bit. What is the significance of vst3? Does anyone know if SD1 works?

If you’re on Windows, you don’t have to worry about any of this:

If you have a M1 Mac (“Apple Silicon”), you’ll have to upgrade to Superior Drummer 3 for Cubase 12 to take full advantage of your CPU. Superior Drummer 2 doesn’t support either VST3 or the M1 chip.

To use Superior Drummer 2 v2.4.4 with the Mac version of Cubase 12, you’ll have to select Cubase 12 in the finder and enable the “Open using Rosetta” checkbox. Rosetta will allow you to run all of the same plugins as Cubase 11, including old VST 2 plugins, at the cost of being unable to utilize the full power of your M1 CPU. Cubase 11 ran in Rosetta mode by default.

On Windows, Cubase 12 continues to support the same plugins as Cubase 11.

May be this comment is not right. I’m using Toontrack EZKeys since years on Windows and it was running perfect with Cubase 10 and 11. Now since the installation of Cubase 12 it is crashing as soon as I touch any key of the EZKey Dream Machine. Returning back to Cubase 11 everything is running perfect again. (Remark: there was no other change in my computer set-up)

Thanks for the comments. I am still on Cubase 9 Artist. I also have EZKeys, that I use occasionally. I use the Toontrack plugins more than most others and I am not really keen to upgrade and lose those plugins.

I would recommend downloading the trial version and checking if the plugins are working fine on your system. Again, if you’re on Windows (you have not specified yet), you probably just have to point Cubase to your VST 2 plugin folder(s) to get them working.

Please contact Toontrack support. I can’t find any mentions of issues between EZKeys Dream Machine and Cubase 12 on their forums.

Just for anyone reading this and curious how it will affect them.

I have bought Cubase 12 Artist and have got the Toontrack plugins working. I am using Windows. The font is very small but it does work.

I’m using sd3 and just updated to Cubase 12 and see no difference with this one