Toontrack Superior 2 / EZD Reauthorization after C6 Install

I just installed C6 (32 bit) and now my Toontrack EZD as well as Superior 2 Drummer VSTi’s are asking me to re-authorize them, thinking I’m on a different computer. They worked perfectly before but now will not even work under Cubase 5 (32 bit).

I also have a message into Toontrack but I thought someone else might have had this happen to them as well. I’m not having issues with any other plug-in, nor have I changed anything on my computer other than the C6 install.


Turns out it had to do with changing my Wireless Network Adapter, which is a USB device, and not the C6 installation. Strange that changing a USB devive would trigger re-authorization.


yep I’ve been down this road with toontrack. the authorization is tied to the network card so you don’t even have to change your adapter for it to retrigger authorization, just disabling it causes the same thing… since I keep mine disabled the solution was to generate the auth code while the adapter was disabled then after the code was generated I re enabled the adapter and authorized. Now I can enable and disable without a problem.

Thanks for the info. I made it clear on Toontrack’s forum how ridiculous this is. :slight_smile:

looks like I hit on that solution totally by accident!

Just as well, because I’d have had to wait until your post here before I had a clue what was going on