Top 3 help commands.

Actually, that was sort of a ruse, but man have I made a mess of the score because of Dorico doing something other than I want or not doing anything at all.

How many levels of Undo are there?

You should show control Z at the beginning of all the basic tutorials and how many mistakes you can make before you can’t correct something for beginner users of this software. It would be a blessing, even if that’s all one can do for a couple sessions.

It could be that’s it’s especially hard because I have never worked with any of your products and perhaps some things are more intuitive to people using Steinberg protocols. Not me. Never used any of them.

Let me say this about the process I’ve experienced. Lots of things work exactly as shown. For instance, the easy method of note entry works endlessly-- the problem occurs often when I start doing 3 or 4 tasks, and when I get back to the simple note entry, I need to change something I did while working on something else.

Anyway, undo highlighting is one of my top 3! I don’t know what the other 2 should be.

By the way, I did purchase the product after 2 days of trial.

Welcome rexwine!

I find that saving often (every few bars) until I’m familiar enough to trust my ability to Undo is a big help. Good luck!

I don’t know how many undo levels there are in Dorico, but with the software that was development team’s previous job you could go back literally hundreds or thousands of steps with Ctrl-Z.

I can’t imagine why Dorico would have less than that. If I had to guess, I would say “you can probably go back right to the start of your work session”.

Things that just affect the way you are looking at the score, but don’t actually change the content (e.g. which window has focus, zoom levels, etc) might not be undoable though. The same might be true for changes made directly to playback devices like HALion, unless it has its own undo system.

Rob is correct - you should be able to Undo back to when you opened our created the score, but for safety’s sake, save your score at key points just in case.

Changes to VST Plugin settings aren’t currently undoable. There is support in the audio engine api but Dorico isn’t currently wired into that.