Top 5 Vsti's and Vst Fx's and your music genre

What do you use plugin wise?

  • I only use Steinbergs built in plugins.
  • I use only Steinbergs built in and free 3rd party plugins.
  • I never use Steinbergs built in plugins.
  • I only use 3rd party commercial plugins and never use the built in.
  • I use built in, free and 3rd party commercial.

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What are you’re top 5 Vst instruments and vst plugins and why?
What is your music genre?
Do you only use 3rd party vsts or/and the bundled Cubase plugins again why?


I use the built in VST3 compressor for sidechaining and think it does quite a good job there. I also use the channel EQs a lot, sometime later in the mix I might replace those with third party ones, DDMF are good and well priced for the great quality. For straight compression I use the rather hungry Cytomic ‘Glue’ which is super.

I only use HALion Sonic SE of the supplied VSTIs because I have a very good good collection of third party ones (see my signature).

I guess my music genre is rock/blues/jazz fusion…

Could’nt vote, there’s no option to cater for my situation.



I use the built in VSTi and effects plus a few free ones like the Blue Cat freq analyst and a vocoder, and some of the free HGFortune Stuff. The only VST I have bought is Jamstix. I like it quite a bit.
I was glad to see this thread but wish there were more replies.
I am interested in a VSTi that has very good quality “natural” instrument sample patches without breaking the bank.
I guess the Steinberg content is actually pretty good but maybe something slightly more comprehensive.

OK, I’ll bite - it does seem a lot quieter on the forum these days. I’m doing Dance/Electronic music.

Top 5 VSTi’s:
1 Trillian - so quick and easy to get a fat, wide & analogue synth bass sound and mix ‘n’ match from all the classic synths (Moog, Korg, Roland, DSI, Virus etc). Or great lead sounds too using all the great built-in effects (the same as in Omnisphere). I usually have to place Tone Projects free Basslane afterwards to keep the sub in mono below 200Hz.
2 Sylenth1 - great for leads & pads, useable pre-sets but easy to make your own. Plus a good built-in arpeggiator and effects too.
3 Massive - for harder-edged sounds.
4 Kontakt 4 - massive included library and lots of great 3rd Party libraries. Love Pink Noise Studio stuff & Gold Babys The Fat Juno. Plus I’ve just figured out how to make my own patches.
5 The Mouth - been having a lot of fun with this recently, especially beat-boxing drum midi-data in to get a more human feel :smiley:

Top 5 VST Effects:
1 Camel Phat - quick and easy effects box.
2 The Glue - easy to use go-to compressor that sounds great on tracks, group busses AND the master bus. Although I use Cubases own compressor for easy side-chaining.
3 Slate Digital VCC - placed on first insert of every track in group mode and then on the master bus it really removes the sterility from a completely ‘In The Box’ track.
4 Nomad Factory Echo Box - loving this at the moment for dubby effects.
5 D16 Group Toraverb - I love REVerence, but this is great for those unnatural reverbs - especially nice on synth leads.

D16 Group have a Group Buy on at the moment on their plug-ins - hopefully buy 1 get all 6!
I highly recommend The Glue, but PSPs OldTimer is a close second (and currently on offer at $79 instead of $99).
I also use DDMFs EQs rather than Cubases own - the EQ bundle is a steal at $40 and the built-in frequency analysers address something I was always jealous of in L0g1c. Wow, I should have been in Sales! :wink:

Just to balance things out a little, just recently Groove-Agent One has replaced Battery as my go-to Drum Sampler.

It almost goes without saying but I also use a lot of the Bootsy and TAL free stuff too…

Trillian. The first on your list. I have seen a couple of other times where a track had a great bass sound and the creator credited Trillian. I just wish it was not so expensive! (I think it was $300?)

Trillian is worth it IMHO - I haven’t used anything else for bass since I bought it, well Trilogy, 3 years ago (and STILL got a free upgrade to Trillian!). All the waveforms are sampled from the synth-bass classics like Moog, Korg, Roland, Oberheim etc. and even some newer synths like the Mopho, Tetra & Virus. Plus you also get electric and upright bass too.

The reason it sounds so fat is that you get 2 layers in a patch so you can place, say, a Juno Saw on layer A then click on the Harmonium section and pan/tune the harmonics fully left & right 1 octave up and slightly detune them for added fatness, then on layer B place, say, an Oberheim sub tuned 1 octave down to underpin everything (and maybe add a fitfh in the Harmonium section too). Then each bass note is registering over 3 octaves and also has stereo width. And that’s before you even touch the built-in effects. Plus you can easily address any phasing issues within it too or even have an electric bass with a fat Moog sub sitting under it.

Also, those synths are phenomenol for leads too and Trillian has the same built-in effects as the even more expensive Omnisphere (and the effects are geared more towards leads anyway :wink: )

Oh, if you meant for electric bass then (again) I reeealy recommend it. It’s insane, you can set your keyboard so that you are playing with your right hand and with your left you can be controlling whether you are sliding up or down the fretboard, picking, fingering, slapping, or playing harmonics. I’ve played bass since I was a teenager and my keyboard skills are decidedly shonky but I can still coax a far better performance out of it than I could ever play normally :smiley:

@Beany :wink: “(and STILL got a free upgrade to Trillian!).” To clear this up for potential clients, the upgrade was not free, it was US $99.00, the same as the upgare from Atmosphere to the incredible Omnisphere.



I am, primarily, talking about real bass instruments (as opposed to synth sounds). The sound I see mentioned frequently is the Jaco Pastorius bass (very smooth). I own a relatively inexpensive bass but I am a guitarist so when I try to play it it sounds mediocre (buzzing frets, inadvertent ‘slaps’, etc.) I think I may have to invest in Trilian though.
It seems to be considered the “it” of bass VST instruments.
Is there any other bass module for rock/jazz type music that I should consider?

@Mauri - True, the upgrade is $99.

I deliberated over getting the upgrade as it was the run-up to Christmas (2009) and I couldn’t really justify the expense. But the day just before Christmas I clicked on the ‘Check for Upgrade Eligibility’ button and it came up ‘Yes’ - I literally leaped out of my chair at the time, the condition was that my licence would then be non-transferable, not that I want to transfer it anyway :smiley:

I had written that in originally, but thought I was rambling too much…

Better point out that I have no idea whether that upgrade option is still available to Trilogy users, maybe I was just lucky.

@Jaslan - It might be worth checking out the Scarbee bass modules at Native Instruments. Although they are made for Kontakt you can still use them in the free Konakt Player:

Although that rich, smooth Jaco sound could only come from a fretless bass.

Okay, I’ll stop hogging this thread now :smiley: