Top of the line Daw can't export click track...

I love Nuendo.

But this is getting ridiculous…top of the line Daw…one of the most expensive around, now at version 8.

And I still can’t easily export a freakin’ click track.

There should be an option to export a click track from the audio mixdown window - better still, Nuendo should have a dedicated click track that can be routed to multiple outputs, and work in tandem with the transport so that I can preroll with a click at the signature that I’m recording into, rather than what’s before it.

And can selectively half or double the time if need be, for really slow or really fast tempi.
Jesus, I’m more than happy to draw you up a little design of what it needs to do and how it works, but something needs to happen.

I know the workarounds, I’ve made a midi logical preset that transposes the first click on a bar to another pitch so I can manually create a click track via halion one and export it.

But the point is I shouldn’t have to; this is why we have computers - to make this stuff easier, rather than harder or requiring some workaround.

Come on SB!!! :unamused:

It surely should be more elegant than exporting a VST instrument in real time.

+1 on all these points!


+1 to export the project click track as an audio file.

Nuendo is great,
Jim Fox

LOL, …
I remember a time in the beginning where I edited somewhat complicated clicktracks on an old,
still MIDI only Cubase ATARI version and imported the file into Nuendo… was easier for me.
I agree, an export clicktrack function is overdue. Can’t be overly difficult to do, I assume.
Would be more important to me than a new APP…
Servus, Big K

That’s funny, Mr. K… I used to do something similar-- if I had a scoring session that required a click (fancy or otherwise), I’d export the tempo track, import it into Digital Performer (which also includes all of the industry standard click audio (Urei, etc), and print it there.

I don’t do that anymore; I’ve imported the DP clicks into Nuendo (why didn’t we have them in the first place?) and put them in a sample player instrument track preset and export them in real time.

Which is NOT, by the way, my way of saying we shouldn’t have routable, exportable clicks. We should!


Lol, …
Yes, Chewy, we should have that. Many things have been added and improved, yet,
there is headroom for some features we should really be provided with.
I admit, though, that it is not on my top list of priorities, a.t.m.
My coffee machine is kaputt!!
I’m off now to buy new one… with some convenient bell and whistles.

Servus, Big K

Please, skip the Mr.
Makes me feel older than I am.