TOP TIP: Carriage Return in Info Fields.

As you may have noticed, you can’t type a Return in a Project/Flow Info Field.

However, I’ve only just realised that of course you can copy and paste text that includes a return into the fields from another app, such as a text editor.

You can type return into some of the fields - for example “copyright” and “further information.” Scroll bars appear on the boxes, if you want to type many lines of text.

What happens if you paste a return into the other fields? For example, does that mean you can get a two-line title - providing you edit the master page layout to make room for it?

Yes. I’ve successfully pasted text items with returns into many fields.


This is one of those tips that just shouldn’t be news to anyone. That’s not a personal dig, Ben, but really it ought to be in the documentation or something. Is just one example I found of it being mentioned before.

Yes, it’s definitely to be filed under: “Obvious once you’ve thought about it”. I’ve been bemoaning the inability to add a return to some of the fields, but then I noticed that XML files were importing data with returns in, and then the cogs began to slowly turn…

While you are finding “obvious once you’ve thought about it” solutions, I just wanted to put some superscript formatting in a tempo indication - the original said “Trio (Menuetto 2do)” with the “do” as a superscript.

I tried copy and paste from some formatted text, but it lost the formatting.

Of course I could fake it with system text (Alt-X) but that’s too boring :wink:

Any bright ideas?

There’s a standard char in most fonts for doing 1º, 2º, etc, which is Unicode U+00BA. (ASCII 186). (Distinct from the degree symbol and other seemingly superscript circles.) On Mac, the keystroke is Alt-Zero.
It’s not quite 1mo 2do 3zo, 4to, but it’s better than nothing. I don’t think Dorico does Superscript.

Dorico’s text editor does superscripts, but there isn’t an obvious way to use the “full” editor on tempo text.

If you need these superscript endings regularly you could add them as ligatures to your font: replace ‘^mo’ with superscript ‘mo’ etc. Maybe your font contains the characters already as alternates and you can just copy and paste.

This is an interesting case. It’s probably unlikely that the full formatting palette will be added to tempo items, nevertheless this is not an unusual requirement.