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I find this interesting. Please tell us more.

Please, stay on topik.

I wrote a song once.

I tried to make it one chord only, finally made it.

Then, I tried to make it only one note in one chord for the entire song. Harder still, but in the end, after much Blood, Sweat, and Tears, finally did it.

But, I couldn’t do the next step - having the lyrics be only one word for the whole one chord-one note song. Just couldn’t figure it out.

Your post has solved my dilemma, thank you!!!

(PS - what exactly is the pronounciation?)

Alexis, I think your efforts have already been surpassed by a certain piece by John Cage… Sorry :sunglasses:

Ahh. I did take a listen (actually had a version on my thumb drive), very nice ambience treatment.

But mine is in Dm (the saddest of keys).

More informations about your setup are needed. Otherwise, we cannot help on this specific issue.

Ok so far we have:

1- ‘MusicStarter’ who started a blank piece of work which

2- ‘alexis’ has put in the key of ‘Dm’ which

3-‘curteye’ now adds tempo 124 bpm



I added characters from the extended character set!



Now this is getting interesting…