Total newbee

Hate to ask stupid questions…
I’m new to this… an old songwriter learning new trick
I just want to drag in a nice soft pre-recorded 4/4 drum track. I don’t want a ‘kit’ that i have to create from scratch.
I have Cubase AE 11, and no other 3rd party anything.
I have learned how to create tracks, and even edit… Chordpads, mic, guitar, etc… Got that.
Can you suggest a sort of Holiday Inn Lounge drummer i can just throw in?
Thanks. Hope that made sense!

I would look at EZ Drummer by Toontrack. Easy to use and offers great realism.

Doesn’t AE 11 have Groove Agent SE 5 included?
And doesn’t that have a bunch of MIDI files? Which might be enough to get you started?
Not sure because I use Cubase Pro 11 and mainly Superior Drummer, although I do use Groove Agent SE sometimes and the version bundled with Pro has some decent enough stuff.

If Groove Agent SE doesn’t do it for you, I’d second EZ Drummer - very easy to use within Cubase, great features for getting drum parts together quickly, tons of add on midi packs and expansions available.

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Buy EZ Drummer 2 and you get a FREE upgrade to EZ3

Also don’t forget the world of Audio Loops. Cubase comes with a bunch of content - although I don’t know how scaled back that might be in Cubase AE. Take a look in Media>Loop Browser

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