Total time when using arranger track

This may seem daft but I never used an arranger track until today. So when I read the manual it seemed quite straight forward and indeed, creating an arranger track and defining the building blocks is easy. When I started playback I noticed something: the playing time still indicates the total time from the beginning of the song to the position of the cursor. So suppose the sequence of the arranger track is A B F E G D C: how do I know how long the song is when the cursor has been playing at F or at D because the cursor is jumping back and forth to play the parts. How can I see how long the song is when the cursor ends at C?
I thought it was the toggle function but when I toggled there was no difference in the time display of the transport panel.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to see the total time played since the beginning independent from the position of the cursor?

Hi Rudi

Good point there, probably flattening out the arrangement but keeping the parts is the way to go here, still keeps all the parts but duplicates them along the time line, then of course the correct time will be shown.

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It is in the arranger edit window. Handy to know.

@DaveAbbott Thanks for your reply. In the end of putting the piece together it would be the best but while still moving around with the parts there seems not solution.

The 8th column on the left-hand side of the Arranger Editor window is named Song Time. Look there.

@Krisp I found it after I enlarged the window, it was hidden because of the standard small window that opened.

Thanks for your input en solution.