Totally cant get this to work. (Region locatros wrap)


A couple of things I would very much appreciate someone answering. If you answer my question great luck and fortune will come your way during the night :mrgreen:

When I select any region I want the locators to wrap around that region. Im sure it used to do this automatically. I can do it but its tedious as I have to select ctrl or p/l or something like that. I cannot find a setting which does this automatically.I make electronic music so I always work with even measures/beats bars etc. Its just so much faster and elegant to work with if it does it automatically

When I select a region I always want it to start from the beginning. It doesn’t do this. I have to press 1 first and then play. Basically I want the song to start wherever I have the left locator) Not the end of the world but it does get annoying and I just can get used to this method of working at all.

OH, and you know that section at the top of the very top of the screen where you can transpose, its gives you note info etc. I cant get it back. Sometimes it has appeared but I haven’t seen it in a few weeks now. Any ideas as its very useful.


If you have an Arranger track with sections set up, you can click the name of a section and press P to automatically set the L and R locators around the section. Or you could press SHIFT + G with the section name selected, which will not only set the locators, but begin playback of the section as well.

Other than this I’m not aware of any faster way to play from the beginning of a selection than pressing 1 on the number pad, followed by ENTER.

Also, the section at the top of the screen you’re talking about is the Info Line. You turn it on by clicking the Set Up Window Layout button in the upper left corner of the main Cubase screen and clicking Info Line.

Thanks for the info on the — info line

So, Shame there’s no automatic way that when selecting a region cubase sets the locators around that region without having to use a key command, then just press play and that region loops. I must do this about a 1000 times per session. it gets tiring. I design sounds so am always having to do hit 2 or 3 keys to get this happening. And the not starting at the beginning of the locators each time is extremely frustrating. Why else would I have the locators wrapped around a section. Ok, ther can be reasons but for the majority it will be for the same reason I do it.

SO Steinberg, you are the only software company that hasnt seen fit to implement a feature that has been around for years and is extremely useful. Pro Tools. Live, Logic, Fl Studio. Acid, Samplitude, Reaper, Sonar, Digital Performer etc - all do this and give you the option to turn it off. Im certain you had this feature in Cubase 3 Why do you think all these Daws have this feature? Do you think nobody wants it?
I will never upgrade your software unit this feature is implemented

I realise there’s absolutely no point in asking for it through the ticket system. It will never happen.

Just to confirm what the poster said. If hes correct - Anyone ?

Thanks again to the responder :wink:

A setting in Prefs along with a Macro would get you a lot closer than what you’re doing now.

I dont have this or see it. Im on Cubase 5 remember.

I have a windows layout section but alll I see is organise and workspace neither of which show any options for changing the layout of the screen. Why not just jave a bloody button on the main screens panel :unamused:

I apologise for my irritation.

Thats great but how would I do that? I dont know anything about Macros

View Switches

I have Cubase 5.5; it’s not right in front of me but the Windows Layout button is a little button with an icon that has some squares in it. It definitely shows up on my screen in the main project window, and my settings are pretty close to the installation defaults. Don’t know why you wouldn’t have it.

Looks like you can also get there with SHIFT + F2, but here’s a pic of my layout, with the button circled: