Totally new problem with CP8!

I’ve done everything it’s possible to do and everything it’s possible to check, I have a powerful puter with only CP8 on it and not many 3rd party plugs and now after my 3rd clean install of everything CP8 has started shutting down during actual recording,
it’s never done this before…
half way through a vocal and CP8 just stops and is unresponsive and I cannot shut the puter down…have to force it off…

again, the same project in Mixbus 3 is a breeze, I just happen to prefer CP8…it’s a better DAW…when the damn thing works…

really getting sick to death of it though…got some serious thinking to do…

anyone got or had this problem…I’ve just finished doing all the latency checking and a million other things…it aint my system!!

I had loads of probs with CB8 that disappeared with the 20 update after lots of well meaning peeps suggested it was my system…

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,

It’s hard to guess. Did you try to run Cubase in Safe-Start Mode?

I am not clear as to what you are using. May be a mistype but you stated CP6 once. Do you have an older version of Cubase installed? If so, you really should remove the preferences folder for each version, then restart Cubase 8.

If not, then I recommend updating all of your drivers. Not via ‘Microsoft Update’, but from the manufacturer of your motherboard, graphics card, and interface for the version of Windows you are using. Windows update does not always have the correct drivers. In fact I have heard of cases where it actually rolls back a driver that screws things up.

I recently built a new PC and there were many mobo/graphics card drivers that were not up to date. Even the USB controller drivers were out of date for a MOBO that was only out for 9 months. The scary one was a BIOS flash that I made a backup of before proceeding. It actually worked seamlessly though I have heard that others have to reinstall everything after a BIOS flash.

Eiher way, you have something in your setup or system that is not working right. All of my issues never even resulted in BSOD. Just performance issues. All is well now for me. Hopefully you find your system demon.

Best to ya man! :slight_smile:


Hi Guy’s…yeah CP6, that was a typing error…
I’m not gonna try and figure out what this is any more, I’ve done all the update drivers and latency checking stuff…the only thing on my puter is cubase…'cept now I’ve got Mixbus 3 on also (giving no hassle at all) which I’m gonna be using instead of CP8 untill there’s an update, then I’ll give CP8 another go…because, when it works, it’s a good DAW…

wasted so much time with this DAW…if the next update (if there is one that they don’t want money for) doesn’t do it then it’s probably time to move on… :frowning:

best, Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

what about letting Cubase rebuild it’s preferences? Or maybe your audio drive is getting bad?


Hi, I’ve re installed W7 and CP8 3 times and done the preferences thing also…

I’m at the mo working on my project in Mixbus 3 without a single problem…no drop outs…no crashes…it just works…

this tells me it’s not my system, or if it is my system (just re installed) it doesn’t bother Mixbus 3…

I dunno what to think any more really, just wanna spend more time making music than figuring out why CP8 don’t work :frowning:

CP8 is a better DAW, no doubt about that but at the mo it’s like having a Porsche and no petrol… :frowning:

thanks for your input, I’ll give CP8 another look after an update…

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Not got your dongle plugged into a USB 3 port have you?

I don’t know actually, but it’s been in the same place for 3 years…what happens if it’s in a USB 3 port then? :slight_smile:
and how would i know? I’m gonna guess that it’s got USB3 written under it :sunglasses: I’ll take a look.


just had a look…it’s USB 2 :slight_smile:

thanks for the input though :slight_smile:

It is always a big pain in the butt trying to figure out why a system does not run correctly. Even something as simple as disabling USB power management can mess with you.

Keep in mind that a Windows Update can actually screw up settings if you are allowing that. Or, not having the new install of Windows updated. Again, go to the manufacturer websites to update 3rd party drivers for everything. Graphics card (even if using the one on your MOBO), motherboard, and even USB controllers. Microsoft Update is not always accurate.

I am hoping any of this helps.

Not trying to underestimate your troubleshooting skills in any way, take a look at this and see if anything works here:

My trouble shooting skills are not good…allready looked at the Sweetwater thing and I don’t allow any windows updates since the ten thing started…all my drivers are up to date…all of em…

thanks for the input mate, Kevin

Dongle in a USB 3 port is known to be a bit problematic, can cause random crashes, but you usually get a licenser error with it. Was a bit of a stab in the dark, but sometimes it’s the stupid, simple things… good luck tracking it down.

This was in the early 90’s but I thought I would mention it. I bought a new Pentium 90 with a Stealth Diamond video card. At the time it was pretty high end. I had many troubles and crashes until I figured out that when my printer (an old LPT1 port printer) was conflicting with the video card. The point is that there are some subtle things that can sometimes cause problems (one disadvantage of the PC vs. the MAC). I would recommend trying to remove absolutely everything you can (peripherals, software, etc.) and test the system. If things work more smoothly, then add things one or a few at a time until the troubles return.
I do want to acknowledge that, when you say it is not your system and you are waiting for an update, that it could in fact be true. But, the odds are against it. Even if there is something wrong in the Cubase code that is causing a conflict or problem, it is a very isolated case with a specific bit of hardware or software or a specific configuration and, if Steinberg doesn’t already know about it, it is unlikely to be fixed in an update.

Kevin… I know it sucks and I know you are tired of hearing it but there HAS TO BE SOMETHING going on with the system or the interaction of the system with Cubase specifically.

Do you have a friend with a Windows machine that would let you install the basic Cubase with your audio interface on their computer?

I can’t remember for sure which OS you were using but I seem to think you were waiting to upgrade to Windows 10. Perhaps, it might be worth a try? It is a reversible process.

Do you know anyone with a different audio interface you could try out? Because audio drivers work at the system level, it would be a good thing to rule out.

Lastly, and this is fairly advanced, but I noticed you had a Radeon video card. Your mother board most likely had built in graphics that are perfectly capable of running Cubase. If you can have someone disable or remove that video card and see how things go without it.

Your new computer may have come with some free software. I think you got it custom built for audio and hopefully they didn’t put any bloatware on it but maybe something there is causing a problem. Just as an example, my laptop has software that “detects” if the laptop is actually on your lap (by motion, I suppose) and activates a “cooler” power profile for that situation. In my opinion, stuff like that can be done without (doesn’t seem to cause conflicts in my case though). Or, as another example, a program that detects the laptop falling and protects the hard drive from damage, which wouldn’t be very useful on a desktop, for example.

Anyway, I have rambled on enough. I really hope you get it figured out.

Maybe run dxdiag and post the resulting files (as uploaded zip files or tar balls…please don’t spam the text itself) here for folks to check out?

That little utility will create a nice text file that tells us pretty much all of the hardware that’s installed on your system, and a bit about how they’re set up.

Also have a look in your " %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps " folder.
Zip those files up and post a copy.

You might also find Windows CrashDump files at various places on your system. Zip those up in folder of their own as well. They will have the file name extension dmp. Common places to find them are:
On the root directory ( %systemroot% ) of your system partition: ( Usually drive C:\ )
You might also find some in: %systemroot%\Windows\Minidump

If you like, it won’t hurt to do a system search for any *.dmp files. It won’t hurt to make a note of where you found them and include them as well, particularly if they seem directly connected to any of your hardware drivers, or DAW related software.

Also (and most important), file a support ticket with Steinberg and include descriptions of your issue(s) along with all those files. Even if they don’t write you back right away, there’s a good chance it will promptly get forwarded to people who are paid to attempt to duplicate issues and solve problems, yet don’t have much (if any) direct contact with users out in the wild.

One thing is certain, they can’t fix it in updates if they do not have the information needed to set up a test bed and duplicate the issue.

I thank you all for your concern and help but I’ve reached the end of the line with this particular version of CP8, I am using Mixbus 3 at the mo…not as good a DAW but it’s working and I would rather get on with music than spending more time figuring out what’s going on…

last night via team viewer Martin Jirsak sorted my control room for me (just wanted to get that done ) and he also checked out my system…latency check…etc… and he reckoned it was ok…

I really cannot spend any more time on it when I can do music with another DAW that aint got any probs…

as I said earlier a lot of probs I had recently disappeared into thin air after an update so I’ll be back when said update arrives…

unless it’s a paid update of course… :unamused:

best to all you good people out there… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have just decided (out of frustration of the CPU spiking) to upgrade Win 8.1 to Windows 10. Man, Windows 10 is amazing and my PC is slick. The CPU Spiking has stopped with Asio Guard on high and buffers set as low as 256. Just saying in case you fancied risking upgrading to Win 10! :slight_smile:

I’m glad I did because I was about lose the plot! Still, for some, it may not be a good suggestion yet? haha!

Yeah thanks jono…just be aware that W10 is considered to be spyware …I did go to ten but didn’t like all the stuff that came with it and the fact that apparently microsoft can force updates on you…also it didn’t change my situation… :frowning:
if it doesn’t change after an update I’ll look again at ten…I just think there is something wrong if you have to have ASIO guard on high…I think there is something intrinsically wrong with CP8 that ASIO is there to hide…just a gut feeling…

good luck and hope it stays good for you… :slight_smile:

No ASIO guard II is really good, You set the buffers low and asio guard on high, and You never have to think of changing buffer size again. Logic has been doing that for a long time, in their own way.
Win10 spyware, don’t believe everything you read on the interWeb :slight_smile:
I can see you use a N8, how have you set the IEEE1394 buffer Size, if You at all can set it ?
I have a MR816 that AFAIK uses the same TC DICE II chipset, and I have a utility called ysfwutility.exe to set additional buffers .
Worth a look, it had a big impact on my setup when I used Firewire.