Totally newbie question: "Scenes" in nuendo to mix a L/R output for streaming

Hi. First I must say that I have just used Nuendo for something like two minutes. I could not find a topic related to my search strings, so instead of doing micro-searches I’ll just ask if this is possible to get a yes or no:

Nuendo Live getting inputs from a Dante-network through Dante Virtual Soundcard. Is it possible to create scenes, which on a MIDI-trigger will recall mutes/EQ/ETC?

In short. A live show with a live streaming. Several artists/instruments will be using the same inputs. Can I trigger a new “scene” in Nuendo Live from a Yamaha-board so the processing for each channel will be correct, and send a L/R-mix out on the web?

By writing scene in " ", I’m curious if there is something which will do what I want, even if it’s not exactly a “scene”.

Hi and welcome,

Nuendo Live has no processing (plug-ins) at all.

To do this, you have to use Cubase or Nuendo. Here you have a MixerHistory and Mixer Snapshots.