Totally noob transport question ?

Hi all,
New to the forums, and just rejoined wavelab after many years (was on board from version 1.0 until 3)

A basic question.
What are key commands for playing back selection, jumping playback cursor to selection start?

Also, any key commands for playback from start of current CD track in the montage?
With certain plug-ins a lot of screen real estate is hidden, would be nice to just hit whatever key to start the current song again.

Sorry about the noob “rtfm” question, but I actually tried looking… :unamused: :unamused:

I don’t know what the shortcuts are, but the way to find, search, or modify them is from menu File > Preferences > Shortcuts.

Actually I use F6 for play selection, but apparently F6 is play audio range, and the specific shortcut for play selection is ctrl-F6. Move cursor to selection start is left bracket ( [ ).

Also, I believe the was a default shortcut and not something I programmed but shift + ( will move the cursor to the previous marker and shift + ) will move the cursor to the next marker.

I use this all the time for double checking marker placements before rendering.

I constantly use the numeric keypad, 0 for stop & return and enter for start playback.