TotalMix FX Users ... some questions for Cubase users

Hi - I’m looking at TotalMix FX videos, manuals, etc., trying to see how it might best be integrated into Cubase 7.07/7.5. I was hoping I could ask some extremely basic questions here of anyone that might be using Cubase and TotalMix FX.

  1. I think I’m not understanding the middle row, the TotalMix FX Software Playback Channels. I’ve watched a lot of vids and it seems like 90% of the discussions are about the input and output rows (the 1st and 3rd rows). At first I thought the TotalMix FX Playback Channels were simply a mirror of the Cubase Channels (for example, as seen in the Cubase mixer view). But then I realized the TotalMix FX Playback Channels are limited in number (18 for the UCX). So, I guess to me that means that there isn’t necessary a 1:1 mapping of Cubase channels and the TotalMix FX channel (for example, a Cubase project might have 100 tracks/channels across the bottom of the Cubase Mixer).

So, my question is: What is the relationship between TotalMix FX “Playback Channels” and Cubase project Channels (as they appear at the bottom of the Cubase mixer, for example)? How ARE the Cubase channels mapped to the TotalMix FX playback channels?


OK, I thought about it some more, is this correct?

The TotalMix FX Playback Channels are mirrors of the Cubase OUTPUT channels (i.e., the ones on the far right of the Cubase Mixer). Nothing to do with individual Cubase Channels (meaning the ones in the middle of the mixer).

So, for example, if I wanted a zero latency monitoring of a microphone signal while listening to a backing track sent out from Cubase outputs 1/2, I would route the TotalMix FX input (corresponding to the mic) to a TotalMix FX output … and also route the Playback Channel 1/2 to the same TotalMix FX output?

Thanks for any insight/corrections -

Now how many threads about totalmix do you need…?
Totalmix FX can be “integrated into Cubase” just as much or little, as any other soundcard except the Steinberg ones.
The playback channels are - as the name implies playback output channels from the Sequencer or windows sources
Chapter “Totalmix FX”

Hey TC - thanks for the .pdf link. I don’t read German, but that’s OK, I’d already read and studied the one in English.

I’m trying to get my head around what is a challenging subject to me. I wish everything was as easy as for you!

To answer your question I don’t know how many questions I will have as I try to understand TotalMix FX. Are you concerned/disturbed that all the questions are not in one thread? I can see where that could be done. Are you also bothered by not having all the Protools questions in one thread? That doesn’t work for me as well, but if it is against the forum rules to do otherwise, I will. (BTW, r u a moderator, it wouldn’t surprise me with as smart as you are!).

PS: If you r able to help w/ my initial question, that would be great, thanks.

You should simply go ahead and buy the interface, and everything will become clear in no time.
The playback row is audio “returns” from, software (Windows, Cubase, whatever other program uses the interface for sound output…)
For each Hardware output channel there is usually one software playback channel. There is no direct relation between playback channels and Cubase Audio channels. The totalmix playback channels are the outputs for Cubase. So every output bus in Cubase is routed to a playback channel which has to be routed to a physical interface output (Totalmix output channel) via totalmix. No Cubase (or other software programme audio output) can be routed to a totalmix output channel directly.

Completely awesome explanation, thank you, TC!

The vids on the synthax channel are really great for helping come to grips w/ TMFX, but as always for me, always something I don’t quite understand. Your answer will help me get up and running faster than otherwise when I do buy the UCX - thanks again -