Touch automation not working

Just looking for confirmation that this is acknowledged as a bug, and is planned to be fixed to operate as the manual describes (and as it does in Nuendo).

Currently, “touch” automation acts as “latch” automation if there are no automation points further down the timeline. This is not what the manual describes. It functions properly in Nuendo 8.1



There was always different behavior in this area between Cubase and Nuendo. The reason is different use case in Cubase.

I’m Cubase the last value is kept, in Nuendo the automation jumps back to the init value.

Thanks Martin. So, is it your understanding that it’s going to STAY this way?

Can you (or anyone) give me an honest, real world scenario where you would actually want “touch automation” to NOT behave like touch automation? (Because it currently behaves like “latch automation” on first pass.)

Am I missing something where this would be of any advantage to anyone, ever? If we want latch automation behaviour, we can switch to latch automation mode… That is one mouse click.

However, If we want touch automation, we have to adjust every single parameter manuualy and add an automation point at the end of EVERY intended automation track. This could be hundreds of mouse clicks for one single pass on a VSTi or complex effect. There seems to be no logic this current implementation.

But maybe I’m missing something…


It’s like this in Cubase since ever. So myself, I wouldn’t expect any change, here.

If you have any automation point behind (after) the place, where do you stop automation writing, then it works as real Touch.

Thanks Martin for answering my first question. I’m sad to hear that you believe it will stay this way.

But you completely avoided my second question. (Instead, you described how it currently works, and the pitiful workaround, both of which I am obviously keenly aware of.)

I’m trying to find out if ANY users actually find this current implementation useful. And if not, maybe we could all raise our hands and say “Steinberg, please fix touch automation so it functions as described in the manual, as it does in Nuendo”. (Anyone who REALLY likes it the way it is can just chose “latch” automation and have the same functionality.)

I agree with you.

Thanks Martin. Glad to hear it. Ok everyone, alltogether now:
“Dear Steinberg. Please fix ‘touch automation’ so that it works as described in the manual, and as it works in Nuendo, and as I’m certain you intended it to work. If you need help fixing it, just ask your Nuendo friends down the hall, because it works as described in Nuendo.”

“And please let us know that you’ve heard our cries, and that you intend to fix it. If you can invent asio, and the vst protocol and numerous other breakthroughs in DAW technology, surely you can make something so relatively simple as touch automation work as intended. (We know you can! It works in Nuendo!)”

Love from all of us,
Steinberg User base (well, at least Martin and myself)

Oh Yes a BIG +1

Still not sure how anyone can even hope to make music with this automation problem still around. Do you you actually stop and draw tiny dots at the end of a every single track that you want to automate. I can only imagine this problem at least subconsciously discourage people from autimating very much. Are you all just producing static mixes because of this? THAT can’t be good for business for anyone!

“This mix is pretty weak… Must have been mixed on cubase, because you can’t automate anything without grinding the creative process to a standstill.”

+1 Touch mode doesn´t work as described in the manual. I would consider this a bug.

I felt the same way as you when I bought Cubase. I was looking forward to making it my new Daw. Everything was great UNTIL I tried the automation…WTF!? How in the world can a big name Daw have this prehistoric method of automation? Hell, I don’t even know if any automation systems in the 90’s where you had to define each area with insert points manually, before you can use touch automation. Needless to say, it just sits in my computer now. I left the platform due SOLEY to that horrible automation system. I get reminded every once in a while that I bought it when I see the little blue usb dongle in my drawer. And they have heard complaints like ours MANY times before. It’s been years and it’s STILL the same?? Bro, they flat out don’t care. Smh