Touch event location when zoom is not 100%

I’m developing an app for iOS, and I would like to use current view with a different zoom factor than 1. But with current touch handling, I can’t find a part of the code, where the coords are transformed with the current view transformation, like for example in CViewContainer::onMouseMoved() method.

CPoint where2 (where);
where2.offset (-getViewSize ().left, -getViewSize ().top);
getTransform ().inverse ().transform (where2);

In CFrame::platformOnTouchEvent(), when the target is already assigned, the target method - onMouseMoved() or onMouseUp() - are called directly, without going through all the parent views, like it is on Win desktop for example.

Right now I am on VSTGUI version 4.9, but I have noticed some changes in the sourcecode, especially mouse/touch events handling since 4.9. Is upgrading to newer VSTGUI going to fix my issue?

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Hi Matouš,
sorry for the late answer, but as you already noted this is not yet supported with VSTGUI. Even the newest version does not support it. If you like you can implement it and make a pull request on GitHub, or at least add an issue on GitHub so that this may be implemented in the future.

Seems like there is some sort of bug when transforming MouseMoved event with zoom fraction.
I had problem with checking getViewSize().pointInside(where) in MouseMoved because it always return false.
Probably X coord of where is OK but Y seems to be upscaled instead of downscale when my zoom was 0.9 but I gonna check it for sure… Have a lot of work to do and found this issue
I am under Win7 x64 and VSTSDK 3.7.2

Idk is this solved, but if someone started thread there is something going on

Mouse Moved with button down is OK
Mouse Up crash the further Y coord Mouse Moved callback
Btw my zoom is 0.9 and the invalid y=764 is because 687/0.9 and y=687 is valid I think

the transform is here:

X Coord is bad too