Touch OSC control for Cubase 10.5 Pro

I’ll check it out. Looks pretty cool indeed.

I don’t have problems with my setup (Nuendo 10.3). The 0dB works fine and EQ works okay. Although I must say I hardly ever use the EQ page. Did you change the TouchOSC to work with the plugin? In my setup inserts (and plugins) are not implemented.


I just checked to set the Project to “+6dB max Volume”, so that the Fader has an upper limit of +6dB, and now the “set 0dB” sets the Fader to -0,03dB.
Is that the Value you get with your setup? Maybe it is normal to get 1,83dB when setting the Project to 12dB Max Volume.
I will find out the Value to set to 0dB then.
I have set up a new page with knobs and Buttons to get a representation of a Waves SSL Channelstrip in Insert 5 of the selected Channel (poor mans SSL Console…).
Rather to get an Overview of the plugin settings without opening the GUI on the Computer screen, than to manipulate it with my Tablet.
Here I found, that settings were not updated correctly when flipping through the channels.
Then I tried with the EQ page, to see If I was doing something wrong, but also there I can see, that the settings do not always update correct, when flipping through the channels.
Before I troubleshoot my system, I thought I’d ask if it is always relyable on your side.
In any case your template opened new aspects of the geneic remote to me.


Thank you Vicken and misjavw for sharing!


Wow, thanks for the template! I have only been using Touch OSC since today and have thought and googled a lot about how I should best program my functions for Nuendo … and now I find your template. Brilliant. I will probably add some important key commands to it. But so far the template is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

Hey guys, I am setting up my TouchOSC controllers and I am having hard time figuring out a specific thing. I need cubase to send touch OSC whatever kind of control each time I select a midi track. The purpose is to have multiple pages setup for multiple key switches. I managed to have cubase sending out a midi message but I can’t figure out how to customize the message per each track. I put a midi transform into a midi send but it doesn’t work… any hint?

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