Touch OSC control for Cubase 10.5 Pro

Hi Everyone,

I have been playing with this one for a long time until I figured out exactly how to program it and use it. I was able to make a channel strip to control the selected channel plus a drum pad. I will include the files for everyone who likes to try, one file is for the editing software from to load into the iPad and the other is to import into Cubase as a generic remote. The design is inspired by mattsynth (on YT).

Word of caution is that I used CC’s on channels 1 and 2 and if you are using another controller that use the same CC’s it might interfere, not sure, but you can always change the channel to one that is not used by your keyboards or controllers. Just make sure that TouchOSC is set as midi in and out on the generic remote.

I hope it works well.
Touch OSC Cubase (5.73 KB)

Some screenshots.

thanks for sharing

Do these work on Android? I don´t have ipad, but android tab and touchosc is also available on android

I don’t know for sure (I’m on ipad) but I believe the config files are cross platform - give it a try

The website says it is compatible with android

By the way I discovered that the “Down” arrow is not behaving right, on my system the hilighted track is moving down but the song cursor reset to the very start! will look into it.
I am also working to add another page to add EQ, Comp, Gate controls.

thanks Vicken - it would be great if you post here when done

Is your right locator perhaps at the very start also? (Because right locator is Num2) :wink:

I too am trying to set up a remote using Touch Portal, and I’m stuck on arrow keys (navigation keycommands) not working as I expected. I changed them to other keys, but then I’m having other issues.

Great stuff those mobile remotes though!

Latest files, added another page with Eq and compressor control, Pre: is not done yet, I am interested to hear some input, everywhere I looked there was barely any help to program this but I was able to incorporate a meter at least.
Touch OSC Cubase (9.11 KB)

Thnak you!

I’ve been using TouchOSC for a long time with Nuendo. I have a setup with multiple pages, including commands, channel, EQ, Surroundpanner, transport, and control room. If anybody is interested I am happy to share the project and Generic Remote setup.

Some screenshots

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More screenshots

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it would be great if you could - I like the look of the surround panner :slight_smile:

Here are the TouchOSC project and Generic Remote setup for Nuendo, which should work for Cubase as well. Note that the you need to assign the “Macro” buttons on the “Commands” tab to your favourite macros, since I have created specific macros myself which are stored with my custom key commands.

Feel free to ask for help if you have any questions.
Touch OSC (9.42 KB)

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fantastic - thank you

misjavw thank you.

Thanks! Great template! No if anybody can help with why all the controls are wrong for cubase it would be perfect! The buttons seem to be controlling completely different things…

Well, you should make sure that the functions in the Generic Remote are set correctly. I created them in Nuendo and although Nuendo en Cubase are very similar I am not sure if everything corresponds correctly. Do you have an example of buttons that are not correct?

To be honest i think TouchOSC isn’t that great, check out Open Stage Control, it’s waaaay better, totally customizable and FREE!

@ misjavw,
thank you for sharing your setups!

I tried it, and it seems to “work”, but I have some issues, testing with Cubase elements 11 here, will try with Cubase pro 10.5 later.
-set Fader to 0db is not setting it to 0db, rather to 1.87 db?
-EQ settings are not always updated correctly
-I modified it with a plugin on insert 5 of selected channel, settings also are not transmitted reliably to touch osc

Do you also have problems with data sent from generic remote/Cubase to touch osc?