touch screen for entering score notes

Getting so tired of mousing (especially mouse and keyboard together)
It would be so easy if there is a possibility to use a touch screen to enter notes (as on paper on the staves).
Should be possible, should it ?


It may be technically possible, but not really practically possible, as you would need the stave to be extremely large to enable your finger to position notes on the stave.

Aloha guys,

Since Steiny has recently released lil modular
control devices/surfaces maybe they also
could release a small touch screen just for
those users that work with notation etc.

A lil Steinberg/Yamaha 7" input pad would be kool.

Maybe Steinberg coiuld make such a device the size of a (i-) pad. It will be necessary to use a pencil tool to position the notes in the score so the stafes do not have to accomodate an entire finger.


On mac there is this thing called Trackpad, it can control midi too, its better than touchscreen cause you dont get poop on you screen :stuck_out_tongue: