Touch Screen Multi Touch HELP!!


I have recently purchased a touch screen laptop and am running cubase 5 on Windows 8 (not my choice, it came with the laptop). The laptop was entry level but the touch screen was described as 10 point touch (I understand that this could be a reference to accuracy and not ten simultainious points of touch)
Having loaded up cubase, I went into the mixer realised that I could not move more than one fader at a time using the touch screen. This made me sad inside :frowning:
Not being a very technical/intellegent person, I am wondering if is it possible to change this and have simultanious control of more than one mixer channel at a time and where the problem stems from (cubase 5, windows 8, crappy touchscreen) and how would I rectify this.

Cheers guys, much appreciated!


Just been reading some similar post and it would appear that it is cubase related and there is no work around…
Oh well, looks like i’ll be returning my touchscreen and buying a standard laptop for considerably less :slight_smile:
If someone does find a work around for this or an app or update is released, it would still be good to know

Cheers guys