Touch Screen not working with Duet on iPad

Can you help with touch screen not working when using Cubase. I have Duet running on Win10 and my iPad Pro. All other apps work such as Addictive drums, only Cubase wont work.

I can use my mouse by the iPad touch screen is not working.

Duet support have said there should be nothing from their side and have pointed to the fact that only Cubase doesnt work, everything else is fine.


Do Steinberg not respond to these support queries?

Anyway, for anyone coming back to this or seeing it, running Duet on Windows in Administrator mode fixes the issue.


This is not Steinberg support forum/thread.

So it was on Duet side at the end.

I’m glad you sorted it out and thank you for sharing the solution.

Thanks for responding so quickly Martin, appreciate the help.