Touch Sensitive Motor Fader Support for Quick Controls


Please add touch sensitive motor fader control for Quick Controls!

Quick Controls are awesome! If only I could use my Platform M+ to punch in and out of my string section dynamics/vibrato automation life would be a breeze!



Does anyone know if this would be a ‘big thing’ to implement?

It seems like a no-brainer, yet it’s not supported and quick controls have been around for a while now…


Quick Controls linking to w/ relative/absolute

This would definitely be nice!!! Had that issue yesterday and is one of the reason I don’t use quick controls.

Also Touch Sense for generic Remote would be much appreciated


Got any tips? Workarounds? What do you use? MIDI automation? I tend to miss the edit options you have when dealing with automation vs. MIDI CC’s…

I haven’t really found the good solution yet. I actually managed to make automated MIDI faders, but Nuendo crashes with the workaround. So need to investigate that further!

I’ve tried a couple of things, and haven’t been able to get it to work. Faders would respond very janky and inconsistent. :frowning:

Ooh, and obviously I haven’t been able to get touch sensitivity to work at all, just fader movement…

So I think I have found a work around through SoundFlow, as I’ve been remapping the Icon M+ to be able to do a whole lot more, and now I did some work with QC.
QuintessenceMusic; Just to be sure, the annoying thing for you about QC is that if you have it assigned and you write some automation, it doesn’t release that automation right away, correct? It takes like a second from after you release it for automation to be released.

@saxmand: Yeah, but the reason for this is QC doesn’t register touch sensitivity. In other words - it doesn’t know when you’ve stopped (or started) touching the controller. As a work around it just releases the write function after you haven’t moved the fader for a bit… it’s the same the other way around. As long as you don’t move the fader, it won’t register you touching it, making it really hard to do straight lines of automation in both cases.

Does Write to end/ Write to front / Write to loop don’t work?


Never tried that, thanks for the tip Fredo! Doesn’t take away from the fact touch sensitive quick controls would be a dream come true…