Touch sensitive Quick Controls (automation)


Has anyone gotten a touch sensitive/motor fader version of quick controls to run? Does quick controls support touch sensitivity?

I have an ICON Platform M+ which seems ideal for quick controls but I haven’t gotten it to run smoothly.

MIDI Input (Inputting CC data into Nuendo) :arrow_right: Works
MIDI Output (sending controller data back to the M+ so the motor faders can respond) :arrow_right: Sort of works… It’s laggy, inprecise and troublesome.
Touch sensitivity (for starting and stopping the write process): :arrow_right: I couldn’t get this to work… Anyone?

Quick controls seems semi-set-up to support this featuring transmit and receive flags (even has a relative option!) and you can select MIDI modes like: CTRL-JLCooper for JLCooper support, or CTRL-Houston for the old Houston controller protocols, but it doesn’t seem to respond to touch sensitivity (as far as I know are usually handled through Note-on and Note-off commands).

With sample libraries getting more complex and having various CC’s for controlling all kinds of paramaters (dynamics, vibrato, volume, speed, etc) it seems like a no-brainer to have support for this as punching controller data in and out can be a real @#$& with motorless controllers. Also HUI implementation would be a DREAM, as a LOT of 8-fader, touch sensitive motor controllers support a HUI mode…


I use Quick controls all the time and working fine on my Tango ( in all automation modes)

Same here, although I wish there were 16 controls available rather than the current limit of 8. But I’m not sure that the Tango would be able to automatically configure more than 8.

YES to more then 8 controllers! After recording automation data you can change the mapping and all automation will be retained so in multiple passes it can be done, but I use them a lot as drawbar controllers, and with 8 you’re always one short. Not to mention I like having one for the volume pedal, and the rotary speed as well…

Back to my question: Touch sensitivity and motor fader feedback all work?? I am truly jealous! The Tango is a bit big for my taste tho, I prefer something a bit more mobile and easy on the desktop space so you can move it around the studio (is why I chose the ICON). If only it worked…

May I ask how it is setup? Are the Tango’s MIDI ports simply set up as in/out for quick controls? Or are there special scrips loaded in? And if it’s as simple as connecting MIDI ports, do you happen to know what the Tango outputs as touch-sensitivity info? What MIDI CC’s/Notes/Program changes does it output to let Nuendo know the fader is being touched/released? The Platform M+ is highly programmable, so maybe I could have it output the same MIDI data and mimick the Tango?