Touch typing feature: delete whole word/bar

Hello everybody,

when touch typing it is usually faster to delete a whole word and retype it than to correct the error.
On Windows this is done with Ctrl+Backspace.
It would be great to be able to do just that in Dorico: when you see a mistake – caret still active, ctrl+backspace, start over entering music for the bar. This is of course most useful when you are at the end of a bar.

Does this feature exist in Dorico?

You can do CTRL Left arrow (“That’s Command Left on a Mac”) to move back a bar in Note Entry. Then just re-enter the notes.

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Yes, but it won’t work if you need rests, and tuplets can’t be overwritten.

The closest I have come is ctrl+shift+left arrow, delete, ctrl+left arrow. Something for a script or AHK.