Touchmonitor - Dorico - touch not recognized in some areas

using Dorico 5 Elements on Windows 11 with a Fujitsu E24-9 Touch display.
Issue I have is:
Dorico’s UI ignores touch operation in some areas.
E.g. in the start screen:
The top menus bar works, but the main area does not.
In the main screen the top bar (Setup, Write, Engrave, …) does not recognize touch input, but the rest of the UI does.

Yes, I believe this is the expected behaviour at present.

Boring technical explanation: Dorico uses two different UI technologies in combination, and the Hub window and toolbar, for example, use the newer one, while much of the rest of the project window users the older one (though e.g. the Key Editor, Mixer, Keyboard, Fretboard and Drum Pads panels in the lower zone also use the newer one). The newer UI technology is designed to be touch-friendly, but we found that we needed to disable its touch capabilities when running on desktop in order to make mouse interaction work correctly.

This is something we plan to address in future, but it’s not clear where exactly the problems lie at the moment.

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I like technical information :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, I already ordered a mouse to be placed near the keyboard.