touchosc controlling cubase 9.5

can anyone advise on using touchOSC running on an iPad to work with C9.5 on a Win10 64bit machine?


i use touchOSC for macros and shortcuts

Lemur is more powerful. But touchOSC should be able to do simple things. You are gonna want to read up on the Generic Remote. That is your friend and the key to integrating a touchscreen into Cubase.

I use TouchOSC with Cubase 9.5 on my iPhone to control transport controls, track selection and MSR buttons. My recording spot is across the room and TouchOSC was easy enough to set up to operate this. And most importantly I added an ‘Undo’ button.

here is how i set it up so far. balinas, do you have any ideas why it is not working for me?

using C9.5 on Win10 with TouchOSC running on my iPad.
i can make the connection from iPad to Win PC no problem. when i open Midi-Ox i can see that Touch OSC controller and midi changes are arriving on the PC.
in C9.5 TouchOSC is showing as a Midi input as expected.
however, no data is arriving on the instrument track in Cubase! (TouchOSC selected as Midi IN on track). no Midi receive on Midi indicator.

I won’t be back at my computer till tomorrow, but to use TouchOSC, you will need to set up a generic controller with TouchOSC as the input and output. Then you will to assign midi learn functions matching your iPad setup with learned commands.

I don’t think it will work as Midi in on a track. I will try to attach the xml file that was created when I made the generic controller.

See other thread that you had started.