TouchOsc Ipad Cubase Controller

I made a short video demo of my TouchOsc/Ipad setup. For me, this is the best controller I’ve had. I’m using it to control Cubase transport, volume, pan, aux sends and monitoring. I’m also using it to control RME totalmix. I’m also using 2 other programs; Bome’s Midi Translator Pro for some realtively complex midi mapping and Plogue Bibule for some audio and midi routing.

Very good job!

Some questions: do you use OSC or MIDI? if OSC, which app to convert to MIDI?
automation: looks cool btw :wink: touch mode: how have you implemented that cubase writes automation only as long as the touchosc control is touched?

Currently using an iphone, but might get an ipad or an android tablet just for touchosc :wink:

Thanks, I use midi not osc. TouchOsc has a second midi section for the “touch” part of the Ipad. I use that to turn “write enable” on/off. this is not what say a mackie control does, but it works. I wish Steinberg would add more touch automation parameters to the generic remote.

I see! Clever trick! I always lookef for a way to do real touch automation… Now I know a workaround! Thanks!!

Hello Beatpete,

Can you please post your touchosc file and generic remote xml file somewhere (if you use dropbox you can post it at the showcase section of the touchosc forum for example). I’d be very interested to learn how you set it all up,especially the automation trick looks great! I also have the RME card, so sort off the same setup. Also curious how you use and implement “Bome’s Midi Translator Pro for some slightly complex midi mapping and Plogue Bidule for some audio and midi” in your setup. If it’s not to much to ask of course.

kind regards, Jurgen

I use Bome’s Midi Translator for various midi conversions. I use it to use a midi cc to control windows key commands for showing/hiding the RME Totalmix window, Cubase up/down/lef/right commands etc. Mostly I use it to convert midi ccs to the MCU (Mackie Control Protocol) midi that Totalmix requires. Although Totalmix can work quite well with “simple midi”, if you want faders, mutes, pans to update on the Ipad, you have to use MCU commands. This was the complicated part of the setup.
I also use Plogue Bidule for some audio routing and a mixer that I can use a midi cc to control Talkback/Listenback.
I’ll gladly post the TouchOsc and generic remote file however, without Bidule and Midi Translator, the rme stuff won’t work and some of the Cubase stuff won’t work.
Ipad (9.72 KB)