TouchOsc issue

Hi all hope someone can save me banging my head off the walls.
I have been building a osc template and have a fair few things working perfectly like zoom in and out, quantization options ect from my touch screen monitor.
Im running osc through midi loop and cubase pro 12.0.52.
One of the Problems im having is getting show / hide left, right and lower zones, i have tryd many differant cc numbers but is like the cc maybe used by other functions. ?

Is there a list of used cc’s i should stay away from ?

Any help would be good. Thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum,

On Cubase side, do you use MIDI Remote or other system, please?

Yes i made a generic midi remote script in cubase then started to add my macros and shortcuts then clicking learn and assigning a button i made on osc via a touch screen which has been working fine, just show/hide left, right and lower zones will not work. Could the problem be the loopmidi ?


If you use Generic Remote device, then the list is in the Generic Remote list.

If you have a MIDI loop, you should definitely avoid it. There are no dedicated commands to show and to hide. So if you have a loop, it might show+hide.