Touchscreen vs Ipad for Cubase controll

Just a short post for everyone curious about this subject:

I have an Ipad with touchosc/RTPmidi
( or see this post: ), and this I week also ordered an Acer 231hbmid touchscreen for use with windows 7, and Cubase6.

The ipad I keep, the touchscreen I returned to the shop today, for these reasons:

  • Windows multitouch is a toy compared to the ipad- touch capabilities. The Ipad’s touch is very smooth, Windows touch has a different feel, you have to touch multiple times to get it right (might be an Acer 231hbmid problem)
    And only one touch at a time in Cubase, vs 10 fingers on 10 faders in touchosc on the ipad.

  • Cubase has some serious problems when using touch:
    Eq points , aux faders are way to small even when using a low screen resolution. so very dificult to select.
    Mixer buttons,(rec/solo/etc) and transport buttons DON’t react or very late (4 sec) or after repeated hits. This issue is already adressed in another forum topic:

  • also discribed on another topic ( about this subject: When putting the touchscreen in front of you like a mixingdesk, the difference with a hardwarecontroller is that you have to keep looking at the screen to not loose controll, and this gave me serious neck problems indeed after using it for only two hours.

I myself hope that Yamaha is going to convert their Ipad mixer-apps ( ) into a cubase/nuendo version, and while they are at it maybe they could redesign the cubase/nuendo mixer? (sends on fader, vca’s, mute groups, and channels, eqs, inserts and auxes in one mixerview?)

By the way, you can access ANY keycom or macro trough the Ipad, and you can customize it exactly to your needs,with multiple pages (layers). A very interesting cubase-template for Ipad has just been uploaded to the touchosc forum by “Voodoo” : , you can copy interesting elements and paste it into your own template…

And, another thing, Cubase support for OSC (or puredata?) would make possible to create an Ipad controller that shows parameter data (very important, because ONLY THEN you don’t have to look at your computerscreen anymore!) and automatic parameter display. Osc automatically shows the available parameters, so no need to learn or manualy point to parameters like with midi. This is now already possible with Live (, or Logic (

For now I work like this: a BCR2000 in 14 bit mode for EQ and auxes (selected channel and plugin presets) a BCF in Mackie-mode, a presonus faderport and an Ipad with a touchosc template.

Please post your opinion, especialy when you are a happy touchscreen-user. (include touchscreen-type and brand, and your configuration and how you use it please?)

thanks, Jurgen