Tpo signature "self-modifyed"

Hi! I know that will sound again absolutely weird, and for the last weeks I was thinking I just forgot to set… Long story short, VL is rewriting some of my songs from 4/4 to 3/4.

When this first happened, I thought I forgot to set proper BPM and signature. Then appeared, only signature is making fun with me :smiley: and after set tpo back to 4/4, everighing goes back to normal. For narrowing: this only happens with songs where no TPO/SIGN track is avaiable as no tpo change in song, therefore tpo&sign is set at left sidepanel at SongName.
This morning I had the routine to set song back from 3/4 to 4/4, but for today I was then pretty sure this is no an accident anymore…
Anybody with such a phenomeon? Also happens rare, but happens…

… we’ll check!

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Hi @Spork , thank you!
…Count with, probably impossible to catch, and maybe rather happens with new songs… but I meight be probably wrong.