Track Acord Problem

Hi, I need to write the chord Gadd11 (G-D-B-C #) on the chord track. But the chord track doesn’t recognize this chord for me. I vary the tensions in the chord assistant but it shows no change in sound. The keyboard graphic runs the same keys at different tensions.
Attach a picture of the problem.


Can you Enable MIDI and just record the Chord?

I tried this, and it seems one have to also choose the “7”, for the other options to make any difference (b9, 9, #9, b5/#11). Otherwise, they show the same notes… seems a bit fishy… :astonished:

There’s no option for just “add” in the Chord Assistant.

By the way, Gadd11 have C natural, not C#, what I know. Not that it helps, though…
(unless you go for b5/#11 —> C#, minus the D, instead you get F with the 7).