Track Archives and Track Import -- no audio/midi regions!!!

I just lost hours of work to this :imp:

I’m finishing up a feature film score and am at this point using parts of other cues stitched together to build cues, based on edits from the music editor. For example:

Cue 4m23 will be split into two parts, a and b: I’ve written something for 4m23a, and the music editor has built something from a previously written cue for 4m23b (let’s call it 3m15). What I need to do is import all the audio regions, MIDI regions and data, and automation data from 3m15 into the Cubase session for 4m23a, as the “stitch point” between the two cues isn’t quite right, the keys don’t match, and there’s some additional editing I’d like to do. Plus, if there’s revisions, I’d like to be able to work on it all from within one session.

What I’ve usually done is:

  1. build the tempo track for 3m15 (now 4m23b) starting at the “stitch point” in 4m23a so that everything lays in correctly when I import the track archive.
  2. make sure all my MIDI and audio tracks in 3m15 have the same starting point, and that all automation has a point at that starting same bar.
  3. export a track archive of the tracks in 3m15 with all my audio and MIDI regions and track automation selected.
  4. import the track archive into 4m23a at the starting point of what will now be 4m23b.
  5. move up the MIDI data to the right tracks in the template, and voila, call it a day. At this point I’m ready to edit the cue as one piece of music.

The problem is that the track archives aren’t saving out audio/midi/automation data. When I import the track archive, all I’m getting is empty tracks.

I tried the “Import Tracks From Project” function, and same deal.

These features are now absolutely useless to me if they don’t save what’s on the tracks. Pointless. And I’ve now lost hours of work trying to figure this out.

I’m on Cubase 8.5.20 on OS X 10.10.


Firstly the Track Archives should definitely be saving the automation. So maybe you are experiencing a bug.

Secondly if the Track Archive function was to save MIDI and Audio Events with it, it would probably have to save those files along with the Track Archive file so it has a reference point.

But I do personally feel this topic is worth investigating into as it would be great if we had the option available to save Audio and MIDI into our Track Archives or not.

Difference being Track Archive creates a folder for itself when saved with Events ? possible ideas.