Track Archives vs. Kontakt Outputs

I’m trying to create Track Archives for some rather complex Kontakt instruments (e.g., Mixosaurus drums) and am running into a problem. Unlike some other DAWs, Cubase relies on Kontakt’s “default outputs” for output channel assignments, rather than the outputs ultimately created by the loaded Kontakt multi (nkm). As such, Track Archives are prone to fail if Kontakt’s default outputs aren’t first updated to match those of the archived instrument. [This requires a few steps: Load Kontakt. Change outputs. Set as default. Close Kontakt. Load Track Archive.] This can’t be right.

Does anyone have a workaround? Setting up all the outputs, audio channels, panning, colors, etc., for a complex drum instrument can take hours. Recalling all of this, right down to the color assignments of each audio track, is point-and-click in other DAWs. How do I achieve this in Cubase?

Any advice is appreciated.