Track Audio - One side cutting out, or altogether.

Hello, I have recently been using cubase in attempt to produce some new neurofunk sounds. I’ve created a synth on serum and added Dada Life’s plugin, ‘Sausage Fattener’, a compressor for sidechain and also a chopper. When I play the track for. let’s say 25 seconds or so, the audio on the serum track pans completely to one side (and it isn’t a setting, I can’t fix it) or cuts out altogether. I know it isn’t automation or anything like that because when i duplicate the track - the audio comes back, all seems fine! It’s happening more and more frequently and seems to only happen when I use serum and sausage fattener. Is anybody else getting this issue when using these two together? Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, you are not using any DEMO/Trial licence. Double-check, it’s not an automation (disable All Read automation).

Hi, thanks for replying, I’ve tried and it isn’t automation it’s a bug with the software. I know this because if I dupe the track or restart cubase, the audio comes back. Months down the line now after several re-installations and updates it’s also doing it when I export audio files, which makes producing music impossible. Have you heard of this issue before? It’s happening to my friend as well.