Track Automation Start to End question?

Still new to Cubase , and wondering about the way automation is handled , it feels really odd to me seeing a small amount to data floating in isolation with nothing before or after it . is this how most people work in cubase ?

I have only really worked in Protools and Logic and there is always a data line start to end ,

I found the start to end function in the automation window , but it doesn’t seem to lock , meaning I have to open the window and select this each time I first write anything.

Ok so think I have answered my own question in part anyway , you lock the start to end,

But I am still really interested to know if people work with Gaps ? if so what the up side

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 12.06.52

OK so you can’t leave the stat to end locked , as it will write over all you automation!! so I need to select start to end for when I first write if I want a continuous line . Still seems odd to me

You are in Virgin Territory automation-mode (German version here)

If you want to close the gap between Virign territory automations use the “Fill Gaps on selected tracks” function in the automation panel:

The upside of virgin territory is, that in the gaps in between written automation, you can freely experiment with new paramter settings without the parameters jumping back to a written automation level. This is very handy in my opinion.

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Ok great, that’s just what I was looking for, as a really good reason to have gaps so that you can play around and it doesn’t jump back until it hits the next point I would believe

Case anyone else comes across this, I found a video on YouTube, it looks like I default my cubase. Had virgin territories switched on, when I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials everyone seems to have it switched off and never mentions it.