Track/Channels Numbers in the Zones Window

It would be great to have the track number show next to the track in the Visibility/Zones Window! :sunglasses: It’s the ONLY area where the track/channel numbers are missing.

I would like to be able to recall a track number when using the “Find Track Folder.” Typing in the name takes much longer and, even then, it only opens up several choices in the drop down menu (which is further delayed if you have folders, all of which are closed), which thn requires the mouse to scroll to the selection. If I could just type in the number, that would be much faster. But since the numbers aren’t next to the track names, it’s not an option (unless you have Nuage hardware).

That’s a pretty simple request, right? Could we have that in the next patch or at 7.5 at the latest? :question: