Track Clip Indicator?


I’m trying to figure out if there is a preference or settting I’m missing.

In the mixer window, when an Output Channel’s level exceeds 0db, there is a clip indicator near the bottom of the track name that turns red and stays that way until you click on it to reset it. Nice feature, I like it. Can normal audio tracks have the same behavior? I’m playing around trying to force an audio track to clip and have that indicator go red, but so far nothing.

If audio tracks currently can’t behave that way, that would be a nice addition. Also, the numbers near the meter that keep track of the highest level that track has reached (peak). It would nice if THOSE numbers turned red if it was above 0.0.

While I’m dreaming, Pro Tools HD has a feature where if any Plugin’s output level exceeds 0db, the plugin name turns red. That would be a really great addition in a future update.



No clip meter on channels because, for all intents and purposes it is impossible to clip Cubase internally.
There is an indicator on the output because this is the level hitting your converters and they obviously will clip.

There is a peak hold option for the channel meters that would show if you have exceeded 0db.